Sunday, July 27, 2008

O.A.R. USB Wristbands - New Album and Live Recordings

This is pretty cool:

O.A.R. USB Wristband

At select shows on The All Sides Tour, concert-goers will have the chance to bring home a live recording of that evening's show along with a copy of the band's new album, All Sides. The performances and the new album will be packaged together on a USB flash drive wristband and will be available at all venue merchandise locations.

The wristbands not only provide the vehicle for the delivery of the live show instantly after the performance, they are also a fully functional, reusable USB flash drive.

“For us, performing live is about sharing experiences. Technology is all about convenience and being able to offer our shows on a USB flash drive? That’s all about the memories. What a fantastic thing to be able to give back to our fans.” - Marc Roberge.

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