Sunday, February 18, 2007

An Indie Artist #1 on iTunes!?

March 22, 2007: We can all contribute to make an independent, DRM free band #1 on the iTunes charts.
Go here for more info.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

DSL out for 27 Hours

Argh! Our DSL service (SBC/new AT&T) was out for just a little over a day. The tech showed up this afternoon. Turns out the modem had croaked. We have a brand new Siemens modem sending this signal out. I spent most of the day working at Starbucks!
Of course we have two great indie coffeehouses here in South Pasadena but do either of them have any wi-fi hotspot access? No. I hate to patronize the evil empire coffee place but if the bohemians can't get me on the net what am I supposed to do? (work on a screenplay like all of the other Mac toting poseurs??)
At any rate, we are back up and running.

Friday, February 09, 2007

EMI Seriously Considering Non-DRM Music Downloads

It is about time one of the major record companies came to their senses! Read the story here:

Sources say EMI to drop DRM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Steve Jobs Calls for the end of Music DRM!!

Thank you Mr. Jobs ! I am glad to hear that there is finally a growing concensus that DRM is actually slowing music sales. I wonder if the record company executives and shareholders who are desperately clinging to their old business models are aware that most DRM (including the system iTunes uses) can be completely disabled with a 35 cent blank CD-R. These companies would be well advised to move forward and either develop new business models or accept that their revenues will continue to shrink until they can no longer operate. Let me be clear, there is a place for the major labels. Their marketing muscle is remarkable but they must adapt to the marketplace.

Apple to Major Record Labels "Drop DRM".

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Prince SuperBowl Half-time Show, Foo Fighters!

Prince. Lots can be said about the wee purple one. His halftime show tonight ROCKED and funked a ruled. In the rain even (purple and actual). The craziest thing? He did a Foo Fighters song!! In the middle of mainstream American TV he decided to dedicate 25% of his time on stage to a very Hendrix-y cover of a Foo Fighters tune? Is this a return compliment to Dave Grohl and Co. for their blistery take on Darling Nikki??
I have never ever seen him with a Stratocaster before. Always the Hofner Tele copy or one of his weird "symbol" guitars. Can you imagine a club gig with Prince, a Strat and a Marshall?
One really weak thing I noticed: NO shots of his band!!! Sure we saw the back up singer, the two dancers and the glow in the dark marching band (pretending they were playing!) but not a single pass over of the NPG! Dammit CBS.