Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where to start? Madonna, NIN, Radiohead, Saul Williams, Charlatans

Has the world gone crazy? Seems that a lot of high profile artists are jumping off of major labels in favor of going it through the internet/indie route.
I think most anyone would have seen this coming eventually but it seems like the Dominoes are falling fast.
On top of it all Atlantic Records is releasing a USB drive of the new Matchbox 20 album without any anti-piracy protection! A major label?! No DRM?!

Led Zeppelin and AC/DC have finally made the move to make downloads available though with DRM. I htink the only major hold outs might be the Beatles and with the addition of all of their solo catalogs to iTunes I have a feeling we will be seeing them on the web as soon as their long rumored Re-Mastered box set is released.

I tried to buy the Radiohead release through their website on the first day it was available and couldn't because the site kept crashing. Not sure if this was due to heavy traffic or just the poor design of the site.

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