Friday, April 20, 2007

Apple's Greatest Marketing Coup for 2007

iPhone? Apple TV? Those wacky TV commercials? 80GB video iPod?
Nope. How about Windows Vista. Now I know I am a bit late to get on the Vista bashing bandwagon but yesterday was the first time I have had a chance to work with Vista.
I was setting up a new notebook system for one of our field reps. Two words come to mind: Slow and annoying. It seems that the folks up in Redmond thought that the best way to plug the gaping security flaws with XP was to prompt the user for confirmation each and every time they actually try to use any application. And plugging in external memory? Fine as long as you can wait 5-6 minutes while Vista figures out what is going on.
Is it prettier than XP? Yes. I think I have finally been pushed to make the permanent move to a Mac.

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