Monday, January 29, 2007

Solar Power Cellphone!

My RAZR is officially off the grid. (powerwise, if it were off the GSM grid it'd be, well, useless.)
I have been using the AOC Razor charger this week. Si it saving the world Bono-style from green house gases? no. Is it one step toward Freeman Dyson's vision of solar independence? Yes.
Here's the thing: Dumping a ton of money into making your home totally solar powered is fine. A more realistic approach for all of us is to shoulder some simpler energy burdens with solar. Maybe personal panels like this to power gadgets and laptops. Maybe a single solar panel to contribute to your home's energy efficiency(while still relying on the local utility to provide the lion's share of your electrical power needs). EVERY little bit helps reduce YOUR individual carbon footprint. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Prince Charles is now a Saint because he is eschewing the use of his private jet..
If you can't make that a big a sacrifice ( I would LOVE to give up the use of MY private jet so I could ride in First freakin' class!) the least you can do is get on board with some simple, low cost alternates to provide SOME (but not all) of your energy needs.


Alan said...

Great idea but not so good for emergencies... What ever happened to the wind up chargers?

Edward Donnelly said...


Very true.
The nice thing here is that it has an onboard Li battery that stores the power. That way if there is an emergency (say at night) you still have juice to get you going again.