Wednesday, January 10, 2007

CES 2007 - What is the killer new technology?

I spent the day at CES in Las Vegas yestrday. It was a whirlwind visit. I had six meetings with suppliers crammed into the day as well as a little time to walk through the Sands Expo, the Hilton and the LV Convention Center. I am hard pressed to say that I saw anything truly new or mindblowing. (Given that I was moving so quickly I could easily have overlooked something...)Incremental improvements or innovations maybe but nothing that shocked or surprised. (Of course if I had been at MacWorld I would have been wowed by the expected but still cool new iPhone.)
I was sitting at a restaurant at the Venetian when almost simultaneously three people at surrounding tables got messages on their Blackberrys, "iPhone!"
The trend I did notice was that Motorola, Yhaoo and Microsoft all seem to be putting alot of negy into making the cell phone the be all end all gadget. Including more music playing functionality, more browsing capabilities, video downloads etc. Again nothing new.
One word of advice for those of you leaveing the LVCC at the end of the day: Monorail. I took the Monorial to Paris and then got a taxi, there was no one in front of me (compared to the hour plus wait at the curb out side the show.)

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