Tuesday, December 26, 2006

James Brown - The Godfather is dead, Long Live the Godfather

I cannot explain the powerful impact that James Brown has had on my life. Is the music profound? Yes, in a guttural, tribal, Darwinian survival instinct way. It is sex, it is life. Was he a hero or saint? No. But let's face it, could a saint sing Sex Machine Part 1?!!(which has been my ringtone for the past year.)
Here is a link to a video of JB at the height of his powers in the 70's:

As a suburban white kid I cannot figure out why this crazed soul legend has so deeply embedded his music in my psyche. Heaven is "Doin' it to Death" on vinyl. On my Dream Board of Directors it is JB, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix. If only Warren Buffet had recorded "Funky Drummer" he might be invited too.
Here's the thing: Whatever I do, it gots to be funky.

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