Friday, October 06, 2006

Guitar Rig

I went from Diehard Analog purist (1/4" 8 track reel to reel)(Ok, not only analog but lo-fi to boot) to Cubase fanatic but I have resisted the siren song of Amp Farm, Pod , Amplitude et al. Not only resisted, protested. Were the sounds good? Yeah, they were "good", possibly usable but when A/B'd with my Marshall, '49 Champ or Victorilux, there was clearly NO comparison.
Until today. Native Instruments Guitar Rig is pretty cool. Perfect? No.
Remarkable for a software amp/cab simulator? Yes.
I did a few demo tracks today and was blown away. I was looking for a warm, just past clean crunch. Wow. My past experience has been that these programs do 2 things well: Super clean and Pristine or Blown out hi-gain madness. Not much in between. Leave it to NI to fill in the shades of gray. The stellar quality of the B4 should have been a sure sign that beneath the cool, collected German heart of the company lies some honest to god, warm blooded soul.
Vielen Dank NI!

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