Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another DHL Rant

This is a picture of a DHL guy in action. Is he running to get your package to you? No. He is running off to the wrong address or even city, far, far away from where it is actually supposed to be. DHL called me yesterday afternoon. They had originally told me that there was a410 charge to re-direct to a new address. That has suddenly escalated to $700!!! SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! To send a shipment to New York instead of New Hampshire. And to top it off it was THEIR FAULT! Now I must say that all of the DHL employees I have spoken to have been very pleasant and polite. Unfortunately they have also been inefficient, unaware, uninformed and in one particular case a complete liar.
The headaches, expense and in convenience are my own, the biggest problem is the lack of confidence my customer might have after this incident. Will they re-order from me or avoid me like the plague? Will they understand that the problems have been with DHL and not us?

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